Grief Companion Training Program

The LifeNet Health Grief Companion® Training Program is available to LifeNet Health donor family members who have traveled their own grief journey for a significant period of time and who want to help others navigate their own journeys. We know from experience that a companion who has experienced a similar loss can be an extraordinary resource and support for another, newly bereaved donor family member. A companion’s non-judgmental listening and acceptance, as well as their own experience, can contribute greatly to a partner’s healing process.

We offer an extensive and rigorous training program to prepare and assist you in providing a compassionate presence for your partner.

Overview of the Grief Companion Training Process:

  1. Phase 1 is an online segment where students will be emailed word document articles. Students will read them and complete Reflection exercises on the material which they have read and email them to the Trainer who will review them and be available for questions or assistance. Phase 1 must be completed prior to and for you to be eligible for Phase 2.
  2. Phase 2 is a one-day (Saturday) workshop at the LifeNet Health Richmond office during which we will discuss much of the online material and additional topics and participate in interactive exercises.
  3. You will then be certified as a LifeNet Health Grief Companion and be eligible for assignment with a newly bereaved partner.

Are you a:

  • LifeNet Health donor family?
  • At least 18 months from your loved one’s donation?
  • Able and eager to be a compassionate presence for another?
  • Have a current email address and experience working with email features and Microsoft Word?

If you answer “Yes” to all 4 questions and want to be trained as a grief companion please contact us.


Grief Companion® is a registered trademark of LifeNet Health.